Calculus of air pollution fees of Jeep cars in 2021

Introduce the number of sold cars and the grams of CO2 per kilometer

Introduction to Arduino

Arduino is an open hardware using an open software useful for future engineers

The objectives are:

  1. To learn by doing examples included in the arduino software under the tab file/examples
  2. To understand Arduino codes from other sources, e.g. Dr Simon Monk book and github code resources
  3. To create new codes from examples and starting from scratch
  4. To understand the type of variables in Arduino: int (integers numbers), float (floating pint numbers), long (long numbers) double (very long numbers), char (characters),string (words), byte (very small numbers), etc
  5. To expand the possibilities of Arduino software by using the Processing software
  6. To learn how to use Arduino along with Processing powerful libraries (augmented reality, face recognicion, text to speech, speech to text, etc...
  7. To expand even more the creativity using Arduino witth examples from specific libraries of Processing: nyar4psg for augmented reality, BlobDetection and openCV bouth for computer vision
  8. To use a different approach to Arduino by using not the previous Java type libraries of Processing but instead using JavaScript, namely:>p5.js express.js johnny5.js firmata ml5.js node.js, etc
  9. To create innovative projects using all the previous knowlegde