Calculus of air pollution fees of Jeep cars in 2021

Introduce the number of sold cars and the grams of CO2 per kilometer

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  1. To learn how to create an image map using Gimp image map plugin and maper.js library
  2. To learn how to use visual studio code mapper.js library
  3. To learn how to use java script to calculate fees with mathematical formula using getElementbyid
  4. To learn how to use boostrap to create good looking menus responsive web desing (compatible with all screens)
  5. To learn how to use Arduino along with Processing powerful libraries (augmented reality, face recognicion, text to speech, speech to text, etc...
  6. To learn how to use raspberry pi with sensors(Temperature, humidity, partivulate matter) connected to an online server
  7. You will explain air pollution in Jeep cars
  8. You will see an image map of air pollution Jeep cars

Click over the cars to obtain more information about pollution and technical features